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October Farm2School Meal High School
Carrot Hummus Taste Test
Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Taste Test
Jodi Nordlund, U of MN Extension
Maple Ridge Produce
Kindergarten Team
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Farm2School Event at Rippleside


New on the Farm2School Menu: Brussel Sprouts


Farm2School: Healthy Nutrition for Students


The Impact of Aitkin County's Farm2School Program on the Local Economy


Cattlemen Association Hosts Farm2School Lunch


Hill City dishes up local, fresh food


Turkey Day at School


Where's the Beef? 

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David Gilbertson

Gilby's Orchard

I believe that Farm to School has made us more visible to the community. Over the last few years we have grown with Farm to School to Farm to Riverwood Hospital now wanting shipments of apples 4 months in a row. We have also been very fortunate to expand our offering this year to the Hill City School System. Initially we started with the program just providing Rippleside Elementary School with apples. Now we are providing apples, pie pumpkins and squash.

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Erik Heimark

Maple Ridge Produce

The Farm2School program at the Aitkin and Hill City School Districts has taken our business to the next level. Already this year (FY 2017-2018) we have already brought in over $1,000.00 additional dollars in revenue from these programs, not including the contracts we have lined up for the rest of the year and the next. The Farm2School program helped transitioned our business from a farmer's market stand to a year-round business with a predicable revenue stream nearly every month of the year. Being part of this program have given us a professional edge and allowed us to attract six other institutions we now sell to on a regular basis.  Not only has this program opened the window to several other business opportunities, it has directly reached our target market of young families and given us great viability in the community. Our business would be no where near where it is today without the Farm2School Program. 

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Jane Grimsbo Jewett

WillowSedge Farm

Farm to school has helped me move toward more of a year-round business. I’m a farmers’ market vendor so the majority of my sales happen in the spring, summer, and fall. Having the school sales has meant regular farm income in the winter months, and as an additional benefit has caused me maintain inventory through the winter. Maintaining inventory is important: it means I can start out the next farmers’ market season with a good selection of meats, and it also has enabled me to do a monthly meet-up with farmers’ market customers throughout the winter months. That has also improved winter income and kept me in touch with those customers

What 5th Grade Students Are Saying About Farm2School

"I think this is a great program because we can try new foods, and learn new things. I also think it is a great program because family, and friends can come join their children for a very healthy and local fresh lunch."

"Farm to school is healthy and you can learn a lot and try new things!!"

"I love your food. Its so organic and fresh and I love the program. I think it tastes great and I appreciate the food you bring us. I love that it's fresh from a farm."

What Staff Are Saying About Farm2School

"Farm to School Day stirs up excitement in students. Many students are willing to step out of their comfort zone and try something new."

- Rippleside Staff Member

What Parents Are Saying About Farm2School

"I recommend continued growth of garden program. Kids will be excited to eat what they grow. More discussion with kids about food and how it effects their body and makes them feel. After school cooking classes for kids. 

-Rippleside Parent

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Farm to School 2019 Evaluation Results

Farm2School 2019 Data Infographic.PNG

Farm to School Program- Aitkin School District 2020 Data 

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