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Commercial Tobacco Free At A Glance

creating commercial tobacco-free communities

Commercial tobacco use is still a problem. It kills over 6,300 Minnesotans every year and costs Minnesota $3.2 billion annually in medical costs. Investing in commercial tobacco use prevention and control saves lives and taxpayer dollars. We're working to reduce commercial tobacco's harm by:

  • Reducing youth access to commercial tobacco.

  • Reducing secondhand smoke exposure.

  • Increasing access to cessation resources.

  • Addressing commercial tobacco-related disparities.

Strategies we can work on​ include: 

  1. Commercial Tobacco-Free Schools

  2. Ensure Commercial-Tobacco-Free Workplaces (e.g., grounds and cessation promotion). 

  3. Behavioral Health Settings: Tobacco-Free Grounds and Tobacco Treatment Integration

  4. Health Care Settings: Quit Partner e-Referral Integration

  5. Public Health Settings: Quit Partner Referrals (such as not limited to WIC, Family Home Visiting, Mental Health Services). 

  6. Point of Sale Compliance Checks

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