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  • Work in partnership with community to assess and shape their food system, considering culturally diverse assets and opportunities across multiple sectors.

  • Strengthen cross-sector and cross-setting connections to increase healthy and culturally appropriate food access at every age and in every place.

  •  Work in partnership to build a resilient local food system that benefits the health of consumers and producers, while protecting natural resources.

Strategies we can work on​ include: 

  1. Breastfeeding in the Workplace

  2. Food Rx

  3. SuperShelf

  4. Community food Assessments & Planning

  5. Farm to School, ECE and/or institution 

  6. Community based Agriculture

  7. Food and Nutrition & Security 

  8. Farmers' Markets

  9. Healthy Food Retail

  10. CACFP Guidelines

  11. Baby Café 

  12. Comprehensive framework for addressing school nutrition environment and services

  13. Workplace gardens

  14. PSE work supporting healthy food in vending, cafeterias and snack station

  15. Healthy Beverage Access

MN EATS at A Glance

increasing access to healthy food

The MN Eats context area is dedicated to creating healthier food environments by increasing access to affordable, appealing, healthy, and culturally relevant food and beverage options. The vision for this work is that all people in Minnesota experience an equitable, just, nourishing and resilient food system that is responsive to change. The strategic directions of this vision are:

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