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Strategies we can work on​ include: 

  1. Improving Safety and Access for Active Transportation and Mobility

  2. Safe Routes to Schools

  3. Park Planning

  4. Destination design and placemaking

  5. Cultural liaisons in parks

  6. Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program

  7. Active classrooms

  8. Workplaces support movement throughout the day

  9. Transit planning and access support

  10. Exercise is Medicine

  11. Park Rx

MN MOVES at A Glance

improving access and opportunities for physical activity

SHIP is working at the community level to make it easier for Minnesotans of all ages to improve their health and well-being by making routine physical activity more accessible and convenient. The objective of the MN MOVES strategy is to increase physical activity – primarily walking and bicycling – throughout the state of Minnesota. A comprehensive approach through policy, systems, and environmental changes is known to increase access to physical activity opportunities and support behavior changes. These activities focus on creating opportunities that can reach the greatest number of people without the need for equipment or leisure time. As such, much work in MN MOVES emphasizes active transportation – walking, biking, and rolling to destinations – creating opportunities for movement as part of everyday living. 

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