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this month's challenge!

This month we will be focusing on increasing our daily fruit and vegetable intake. 

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At the end of each challenge, turn in your "challenge worksheet" (see image/PDF above) to

Dish up with the Dietitian

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Fueling Up with Fiber ​- 
(16 points) 

November Challenge

November Challenge

November Challenge
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Fueling Up with Fiber.pptx

Fueling Up with Fiber.pptx

Play Video

Watch this video facilitated by Hannah Colby, Registered Dietitian to learn more on fiber. Each team member earns 16 bonus points if viewed! 


Tools to help you along the way

Ways to Include Fruit at Breakfast

Fruits & Vegetables - Have you tried it? 

High Fiber Snacks

Delish & Nutrish Quick Breakfasts

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