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What is the Statewide Health Improvement Program?

In 2008, Minnesota lawmakers recognized that controlling health care costs would require more than just changes in medical care-additional investments in prevention were needed. With bipartisan support in the legislature, Minnesota passed a groundbreaking health reform law. A key component of that reform was to create SHIP, which invests in preventing chronic diseases before they start. 

Since 2009, Minnesota has been investing in community-driven solutions through SHIP. Because of SHIP, communities are building their capacity to improve health. SHIP communities are expanding access to local produce at farmers markets, serving healthier foods and increasing physical activity opportunities at schools and child care facilities and leveraging resources to improve biking and walking. SHIP communities are also taking steps to make housing units smoke free, helping residents quit smoking and protecting our younger generation from the harms of tobacco products. In addition, they are helping employers improve workers' health and productivity, building stronger bonds between healthcare are providers and communities to improve the health of patients, and more. 

The purpose of the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) is to improve the health of all Minnesotans and thereby decrease health care costs through increased physical activity, healthier eating, and less use and exposure to commercial tobacco products. SHIP succeeds by encouraging and supporting health living and addressing health disparities through community engagement, local decision-making and sustainable, evidence-based strategies.

Check out the Minnesota Department of Health SHIP Storymap!

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