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Thanks to Denise Hamburger, RE REAL Executive Director, there are tools and resources that can link people in local communities, businesses, and schools with opportunities to change our culture that isn't working for any one's body image today.

You can learn more about BE REAL USA (a 201(c)(3) nonprofit) here: 

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Aitkin County Public Health has a Be Real Ambassador! Their role is to deliver presentations and workshops on body confidence to the adults in children's lives. Participants learn how to make shifts in thinking and behavior from what our current body - size - focused society sees as "normal" to create mentally healthier, more body - confident environments for children. 

Educators, teachers, coaches, school wellness professionals, counselors, and parents all have a profound impact in the lives of children beyond your normal "job duties." How we speak about bodies (our own and others), nutrition, health, and wellness play a powerful role in the development of the emotional, psychological, physical, and social facets of health in the next generation. 

The Body Confident Schools workshops, BodyKind Curriculum, and Body Confident Kids parent presentations will help empower your team/group/families to equip kids to thrive. 

If you're interested in bringing the Body Confident Schools workshops, BodyKind Curriculum, and/or Body Confident Kids parent presentation to your school, group, or organization just fill out the inquiry on the right. 

Body Confident Schools
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Professional Development Flyer



Meet the Ambassador


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Did you just participate in the Body Confident School Workshop or missed the opportunity and want to listen? You came to the right place!

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