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Because the majority of young children in Minnesota spend at least part of their day in care outside of their homes, childcare settings provide an ideal environment to promote and support the development of healthy eating and physical activity habits. Since children’s choices are limited to those provided by adults, it is necessary to influence their caregivers. Through training and coaching, childcare providers can learn best practices to improve the eating and activity environments for the children in their care, including their own modeling of healthy habits.


Counting Animals

2023 Nutrition Calendar


Imagination Station

2022 Nutrition Calendar

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Life in 3D

2021 Nutrition Calendar

Lanterns in a Tent

Circus Act

2020 Nutrition Calendar


Accommodating Allergies & Special Diets

Know the Major Food Allergies

Why Do We Need Iron

Iron is a mineral that is essential for both child development and overall health. 

Healthy Birthday Choices

Birthdays are to be celebrated. That doesn't mean you need to eat cake and ice cream. Here are some healthy alternatives that will make every child fell just as special on their big day! 

Meat/Meat Alternatives

Download to learn more!

Easy Power Bowls

Make your own easy, healthy recipe by following the guide and adjust to the children's taste buds! 

Charcuterie for CACFP

This fun and creative way of assembling cured meats and meat products has grown to be quite popular and now commonly includes cheeses, breads, crackers, fruits, vegetables, nuts and dips.

Let's Make A Snack

This guide has many tasty recipes! 

Serving Vegetables

Download to learn more!

A Pan with a Plan - Sheet Pan Recipes

Looking for recipes with quick preparation and minimal cleanup? Using a sheet pan is a wonderful way to serve meals without a lot of hassle

Tips for Picky Eaters

Do you have picky eaters? This guide has some useful tips to help! 

Identifying Gluten Free Foods

Children with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance cannot eat foods containing gluten. Gluten causes damage to the lining of the small intestine in individuals with celiac disease

Offering Milk

Download to learn more!

Team Nutrition Gardening Guide

Learn how to get started with a garden at your home!

Muffin Tin Recipes

Using large muffin tins while preparing meals help ensure that every child is receiving the correct serving size for each meal component. 

Identifying Grain Ingredients

Download to learn more!

Offering Water

Download to learn more!


What Color are Bell Peppers

Placemat Art Activity Page

Milk Activity Page

Vegetables Help Us Grow


Activity Page

Fruit Activity Page

Clothes Pin Cow

Thanksgiving Activity Page

Grains Activity Page

Say Cheese Activity Sheet

Vegetables Activity Sheet

Activity Pages Resources

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National CACFP Association

They have lots of great recipes for you! Check back often as they share them on this page. 

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Image by Mockup Graphics

USDA Team Nutrition

CACFP Recipes for Child Care Homes and Adult Day Care.

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Greek Yogurt

My Plate

CACFP Recipes for Child Care Homes and Adult Day Care.

Greek Yogurt



Around the World Sample Menu

Harvest Cycle Menu

Sample Infant Menu

Spring Sample Menu


Sesame Street in Communities added new resources to their Staying Healthy topic page to help all families build healthy habits as a foundation for lifelong well-being. The materials build on the unique strengths of each family and community while addressing all aspects of children’s health – not just physical, but social, emotional, and psychological. Their new bilingual (English and Spanish) resources include 3 Muppet videos, 3 articles for adults, 2 printable activity pages, and a digital storybook.

Every child and family deserves to thrive and be as healthy as they can be. Sesame Street in Communities has created new resources for families and providers as they support whole-child wellness for all children.


Whole Child Well-Being Resources

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