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Urban Cycle


this month's challenge!

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At the end of each challenge, turn in your "challenge worksheet" (see image/PDF above) to Jeff Schmitt  (member on the Health Promotion Team and works in Child Support)

Dish up with the Dietitian

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TEDx Talks - The Exercise Happiness Paradox (15 points)

Exercising at Home &  Office ​(15 points) 

May Challenge - Movement

May Challenge - Movement

May Challenge - Movement
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Exercising at Home or The Office

Exercising at Home or The Office

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Watch this video facilitated by Hannah Colby, Registered Dietitian to learn more on exercising at the office and home. Each team member earns 15 bonus points if viewed! Earn an additional 15 pts if you view the Ted Talk!

5 Minutes Office Break Video


Tools to help you along the way

5 Ways to Move More!

Building My Fuel Mix

Embodiment + Mindful Movement Workbook

Mindful Movements

Fueling 101 Pre-Workout Nutrition

Benefits of Physical Activity 

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