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this month's challenge!

Be intentional with your sleep schedule and aim to get enough!

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At the end of each challenge, turn in your "challenge worksheet" (see image/PDF above) to Jeff Schmitt  (member on the Health Promotion Team and works in Child Support)

Dish up with the Dietitian

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Sleep & Your Metabolism! ​- Now Available (extension to watch until end of day July 7th) 
(15 points) 

June Challenge - Rediscover Health & Wellbeing

June Challenge - Rediscover Health & Wellbeing

June Challenge - Rediscover Health & Wellbeing
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Self Care- Sleep & Metabolism (1)

Self Care- Sleep & Metabolism (1)

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Watch this video facilitated by Hannah Colby, Registered Dietitian to learn more on how nutrition affects our sleep and poor sleep affects our metabolism. Each team member earns 15 bonus points if viewed! 

Lunch & Learn

June 13, 2023

(25 points) 


Save the date ~ June 13th will be our Lunch & Learn which will be a fun, interactive escape room challenge during your free lunch!!  Do you have the master mind to beat the other teams?  More details and registration information to follow.


Tools to help you along the way

Sleep Quality Log 

Why Sleep is Important

Sleep Quality Planning (Improve Your Sleep Health)

The Cycle of Poor Sleep & Nutrition

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