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Aitkin City Council Adopts Park Master Plan & Concept Map

For over a year, the Aitkin City Park Committee has been collaborating with Confluence to help create a master plan and concept map of the Aitkin City Park.

What is a master plan? A master plan is a conceptual layout for a site that considers placement and relationships of facilities, plans for implementation, and acknowledges future growth.

The Aitkin City Park Master Plan will help establish a 20–year vision for the City Park to ensure that it is prioritizing the needs, desires and interests of the community today and the next 20 years based on anticipated demographic, economic, and social changes that could affect recreation trends and preferences.The plan balances the park system needs, desires and interests of the community today, while also ensuring the park system is managed, maintained, and developed with a sustainable and season-focused approach.

The vision for the Aitkin City Park outlined in the plan is the result of an open and transparent planning process. Key stakeholders and community members were directly involved at key steps of the planning process to learn about project goals, assist in crafting and evaluating alternatives, and provide input on future recommendations.

Thank you to the following individuals for their hard work and dedication with the planning of the Aitkin City Park Master Plan & Concept Map: Jason Henke (Aitkin City Council); Julie Miller (Aitkin City Council); Lon Nicko (Aitkin Street Department); Amanda Lowe (Aitkin City Park Committee Member).

11x17 Master Plan Package_DRAFT 2023-08-30 (4)
Download PDF • 53.27MB

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