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Active Living Strategy

Active Living integrates physical activity into daily routines such as walking or bicycling for recreational, occupational or purposeful (transportation) reasons. Active Living provides safe, desirable and convenient opportunities for physical activity. Active Living policies and practices in community design, land use, site planning and walking/biking facility access are proven effective to increase levels of physical activity. The objective of the Active Living strategy is to increase physical activity- primarily walking and bicycling- in the community.

Active Living Resources


Steps to a Walkable Community provides strategies to move you toward a more walkable community. The guide works to capture both time-tested and new innovative tactics that are realistic and achievable. AmericaWalks aims for this resource to be a first stop for walking projects, campaigns and initiatives.

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Bicycle Friendly Communities

The Bicycle Friendly Community Program provides incentives, hands-on assistance and award recognition for communities that actively support bicycling. A Bicycle Friendly Community welcomes bicyclists by providing safe accommodation for biking and encouraging people to bike for transportation and recreation.

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Walk Friendly Communities

Walk Friendly Communities (WFC) is a national recognition program developed to encourage towns and cities across the U.S. to establish or recommit to a high priority for supporting safer walking environments. 

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Safe Routes to School

The MN Safe Routes to School Online Resource Center and MDH Safe Routes to School pages offer resources and information.

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Walkability Checklist

How walkable is your community? The Walkability Checklist can help you find the answer. Inside you'll find insightful questions, allowing you to evaluate your neighborhood's walkability.

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Minnesota Department of Health: Healthy Places

The design of the places where we live, work and play affects our health by determining our access to healthy foods and health care services, our ability to be physically active, and the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink.

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