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Watch this one minute video clip highlighting the Food Drive Toolkit

To take the guesswork out how to organize a food drive, we have created a toolkit for you to use. The toolkit  includes the following

  • Information on Food Shelves located in Aitkin County

  • List of recommended food donations

  • Recipe cards (Want to help donate food items to help those who are in need to create a meal? Shop for food items listed on a recipe card and include it in your donation!)

Download Food Drive Toolkit
Food Drive Toolkit.png

Food Drive Toolkit 

Food shelves rely on the generosity from our community to serve families in need year-round. Whether you’re donating money or food, each gift helps us fight hunger a little more.


While fresh foods are an important part of the food we provide, non-perishables are also needed and easy for you to donate. Food shelves can make the most of your non-perishable food donation when you consider three things: nutrition, usefulness, and quality vs. quantity.


While all donations are important and appreciated, Aitkin County Public Health and the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) program encourages the public to choose healthy, nutrient-packed donations from the list above over highly processed, boxed foods like little Debbie snacks and ramen noodles.

Download Food Donation Toolkit
Food Donations Kit.png

Food Donation Toolkit 

Aitkin County Food Drive Videos- Healthy Shelves Recipe Cards

This channel is coming soon!
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