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Wellbeing At A Glance

strengthening well-being of Minnesotans

SHIP intentionally invests in creating opportunities in partnership with communities to create equitable, healthy, and positive conditions that promote well-being and resiliency for all Minnesotans. Without equity, well-being cannot exist for individuals or communities. To start, explore and understand well-being inequities found within the community health assessment. Take time to go more deeply to understand the nuances of these disparities through direct community input and explore partners who work in the area to understand equity issues more deeply. Then, determine what SHIP can offer to create equity and health equity solutions where it is needed.

Strategies we can work on​ include: 

  1. Social Connection

  2. Trauma-Informed Principles

  3. Community-Clinical Linkages for ACES

  4. Healthy Brain Initiative

  5. Healthy Lifestyle Change Programs

  6. School-Based Social and Emotional Climate

  7. School Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services

  8. Optimize support for employees' well-being through PSE work. 

  9. Innovated well-being activities

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